How to install and troubleshoot Fantastico for Cpanel

Problem: I can not access Fantastico in my WHM, How Do I install Fantastico. Solution: You don't need to download any files in order to install Fantastico! Just SSH to your server and enter following commands (you may also copy/paste): Code: cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot rm -Rf fantastico* wget -N tar xzpf fantasticoinstaller.tgz rm -f fantasticoinstaller.tgz NOW GO TO YOUR WHM (replace through the IP of your server, log in as root): Follow the on screen instructions. If you get a Source Guardian error when you go to Fantastico for the first time, just run this command: Code: chmod -R 0755 /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/etc/ixed --- After the installation is complete, click on "Settings" and go through the settings. While some settings are not important, some other (marked below with an *) are essential for a proper functioning of Fantastico installations. Language: Select the language for the admin backend AND default language for users without a language selected. Email notifications: Enter an email address in order to receive notifications when users perform installations using Fantastico. Master files settings (*): If you are not an advanced user who modifies the master files, leave this to "Remove". Change this only if you know what you are doing PHPsuexec (*): VERY ESSENTIAL!!! Changing this value will not install or de-install phpsuexec for you. It will only tell Fantastico that you have phpsuexec installed or not installed on your server. Change to "installed" if you perform installations which produce an "Internal Server Error". Notice: Changes will not apply to existing installations! You have to re-install in order to have working installations. Path to 'wget' Linux hosts can use '/usr/bin/wget' FreeBSD hosts can use '/usr/local/bin/wget' Path to netPBM: Enter the full path to the netPBM binaries in order to enable Gallery installations. As long as this field has no value, your users will not be able to install Gallery. Select Fantastico licensing and files server: If the Fantastico pages take long to load switch to the server that works best for you. Fantastico will auto-switch if connections time out. Update preference: Select latest version (sometimes experimental) or stable version (best working). If your users don't see a Fantastico link in their CPanel: Go to WHM and edit the "default" Features List. Activate Fantastico. Having problems? PLEASE READ THIS: Also, before posting to the forums, check the Fantastico section. The first postings are announcements and "stickies" which handle common issues and the most current postings (below the stickies) discuss current problems/issues.

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