How do you count my bandwidth usage? Is it 500GB inbound and 500GB outbound or something else

Each server has a bandwidth quota of 1000GB. This can be used either 500GB in and 500GB out or it can be 800GB out and 200GB out, as long as it adds up to 1000GB total. Once you reach your monthly total of 1000GB your server will NOT be turned off or have the network disconnected. You will be charged an overage fee of .50$ per GB for anything over 1000GB total. Some clients with higher bandwidth usage will be requested to switch to 95th percentile billing and be sold bandwidth at a (mbs) setting instead of a set quota amount.

Your sales representative will speak with before any changes like this will be made. Clients with a 100mb/s uplink and 1000GB quota will not be allowed to run at a high sustained rate for more than 1-2 hours.

This means that if you have a 100mb/s uplink you can not exceed more then 10mbs for more then 2 hours without first clearing it with your sales rep. Just because you get 1000GB for a month does not mean you can burn it all in one night or a few days. Clients that exceed the high sustained usage will first have their port speed dropped to 10mbs and a notification sent. Clients that then run at a full 10mb/s sustained after that and exceed their total usage will be contacted by their sales representive to upgrade their bandwidth.

All bandwith quotas are reset on the first of the month. Invoices for bandwidth overage will be sent out at the end of the month.

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